3 Reasons to start Social Dancing


There are many great reasons to begin social dancing and plenty of places to learn to dance as well. Whether you take lessons at a ballroom dance studio or just try to figure it out from a video, dancing has MANY BENEFITS. Here are 3.


1. Improves your physical health and fitness. Dancing is a great source of exercise. It may not look like it when you see dancers effortlessly twirling around the dance floor...so light on their feet. However in order to make it look so "easy" dancers utilize every muscle in their body. Lats, core, thighs, arms...all in play together. Add rise and fall or latin hip movement and you are now engaging your glutes, calves and chest. Dance a Salsa, Cha Cha or Swing and then feel the benefits of a cardio workout. Dancing is way more fun than the treadmill!


2. Widens your social circle and improves self confidence. This is a bit of a 2-for, but think about it. Social dancing is...social. As they say "It takes two to Tango"...Social dancing requires a "partnership" even if only for 1 song. It has been my experience that when in a social dance venue, people are super friendly and just want to get out on the dance floor. Once you get that first "yes" to the big question..."Would you like to dance?" the rest is all downhill. After the first couple of times asking people to dance and getting a yes, you start to feel like you could do anything. I always remembered my first school dance....girls on one side of the gym...boys on the other. Who was going to take the long walk across the floor and ask for that first dance? Those worries soon disappear after your first several dances. Then comes the friendships you gain through doing something that a room full of people love. Many of our students become good friends outside of the studio and go to coffee together and visit each other at home.


3. Keeps your mind sharp. Social dancing uses BOTH sides of the brain. Logical and analytical thinking come into play as you think of patterns and floorcraft while the artistic side of your brain hears the music and you express yourself to what you are feeling. It has been shown that ballroom dancing can even delay the onset of Alzheimer's! Stress is relieved as you can not think if what to get at the grocery store while you are concentrating on the music and leading your partner. 


No matter what reasons you are thinking about starting a dance program, just know there are many benefits derived other than just learning to dance. For more information on how to get started with social dancing, check out the information at www.granitestateballroom.com

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