5 Reasons you should start dancing RIGHT NOW.

August 30, 2017

Everyone knows dancing is fun and it is a good form of exercise...right? But there are plenty of other benefits that can be derived from dancing that you may not be aware of. There are a lot more than 5 benefits but I want to start with a few of the most important ones.



1. Dancing is a great way to MEET PEOPLE AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS. 

Whether you are single, married or just dating, taking dance lessons and going out dancing is a fantastic way to meet people. When you take dance lessons at a studio you are in a place where everyone there as at least one thing in common...DANCING! Taking lessons also requires that you mix and mingle with people and chat with each other while practicing. By doing this during your lessons you will find that it is easier to strike up a conversation at the corner bar as well! Many students have forged strong and long friendships with people they have met while dancing.



So we already know that by taking lessons you practice chatting and dancing with people we have never met before, but did you know that dancers have more self confidence in other ways that they may not even be aware of? When you learn to dance one of the most important concepts is good posture. Stomach toned, shoulders down and chin up! Keep your eyes elevated too! Now think about this...two people are going to ask their boss for a raise. One walks in with slumped over with their eyes cast to the floor. The second walks in with posture and eyes up. Who do you think the boss perceives to be the better candidate? 


3. Dancing is an excellent form of STRESS RELIEF.

When you learn to dance you have to turn off your thinking brain and turn on your artistic brain. I have been told by many students who come in for their lesson in a bad mood because they are feeling stressed out about their day at work or by how much they have to do at home today that they forget their worries during the time they are dancing because their brains switch to the artistic side where they are thinking about posture, maneuvering, leading and following...they don't have any more room to worry about work. Dancers are less stressed out and have more fun...I'm not a doctor but that sounds healthier than worrying all the time!


4. NEVER SAY NO TO A DANCE INVITATION (Don't worry about asking for a dance - for men...)

I'm probably dating myself with this but if you have seen "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" there is a scene where a nice looking guy asks Romy to dance and she says she cut her foot earlier and her shoe is filling up with blood, and walks away. Ladies...I know you probably don't go to that extreme if a guy asks you to dance and you feel less that capable, but why say no? Even if you know a few basic steps and understand the concepts of following, you should be able to accept a dance invitation from anyone! Think about not sitting at the next event you attend watching everyone have fun. Now you can participate too! And guys... we've already talked about how you will practice asking for dances during your lessons...you should be the cool guy!


5. ENJOY AND ATTEND MORE PARTIES (and weddings, and cruises, and date nights...)

I have been told many times that students don't dance because they don't know where to go dancing. Well here is something a mentor once told me about that and it makes perfect sense. He said "How many Lacross games are going on this week? Where would you go to play Lacross?" I said I have no idea. Exactly....people who play lacross know when all the games are, where they are, what time they start, what they need to wear, where the stores are that sell those items...etc. You get it right? Dancers know where to go dancing and where to buy their accessories and what time it starts etc... You may not realize this but in our area there more than one social dance a week. In addition anywhere there is music is a venue to dance. But because you weren't a dancer you weren't looking for it. Also when you are part of the dance community people share all the places to dance with you. 





So there you go...as I said there are plenty of other benefits to be had by being a good dancer. You can list your favorites below in the comment section if you choose. As always...to get information on how you can become a better dancer you can always contact GRANITE STATE BALLROOM anytime at info@granitestateballroom.com 


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