So Who Takes Dance Lessons Anyway?

There are a lot of reasons to dance...but who needs it and why? In this article I will tell you about some of the most common reasons to dance and who is taking these lessons. I'll also give you some insight on WHY people want to learn how to dance over and above the obvious reasons.

First up...Wedding Couples! With movies, television and YouTube videos showing the latest and greatest first dance and "rock the reception" dances, brides, grooms and even the wedding party want to get in on the fun of dancing. How many of you have gone to the wedding where the newlyweds spend 4 minutes swaying in one spot to "At Last"? We've all been offense newlyweds but it gets a little boring around minute 2. How about traveling around the dance floor for a change...twirl her out...spin her in and give her a big dip. Now the crowd is cheering and clapping! Want another reason? Dancing with your spouse is great MARRIAGE INSURANCE! It keeps the spark alive. After the wedding is over all the fun and exciting things that your did previous to the wedding are gone. The dress is put away...the cake is eaten...the flowers's back to the real world of working and cleaning the house. EXCEPT the dancing can be the one thing that carries over past the big day. Imagine dancing your first dance again at your first anniversary...or your 50th!


Next up...Single Guys! I'm going to say this right up front guys. The ladies love to dance...with another guy. They want you to hold them in your arms. They love to be twirled. I repeat...ladies love to be twirled! Here is a true story...there was a guy who lived in Texas...not to much to look at...a bit pudgy and around 50 years old. He took lessons in two step because he liked to go to the big dance halls they have out there. A friend of his noticed that he was dancing a lot with all kinds of different women...young and older...while some pretty nice looking men were sitting at the bar nursing their beers. Why was he so popular? Simply because he was confident on the dance floor. I know it's hard guys but think about it. Your out at a see the hottie of your dreams over by the dance floor...the slow romantic song comes on and she starts to look make eye contact... Do you walk over and ask her if she would like to dance? More times than I would like to admit the answer is no...I find something interesting on the floor to look at. The moment has passed. Now picture a different walk over and ask her to dance...take her hand and guide her onto the floor. You take her in your arms and confidently begin to move to the music. You don't step on her toes and you don't apologize for being a bad dancer...sound good?




Finally we have the Empty Nesters! These are the folks whose children have grown up, moved out and are away to college. Now you are faced with coming home to a house where just you and your partner have to talk to each other! I hear so many stories about how the husband comes home and sits in front of the TV while the wife stares at a computer until they go to bed...get up the next morning...go to work and repeat the process over and over again. You need to learn how to me a couple again! Fan the spark that got you together in the first place. Learning to dance gives you the opportunity to connect again...with each other and with other couples who are doing the same thing as you. It's pretty easy to meet new friends when there is a common interest. PLUS...isn't it romantic to be able to take your wife out for dinner and dancing? I can't think of a better way to keep from getting into a rut. It's a sad statistic that about 30% of couples who have been married for 25+ years divorce once the kids move out. Let's keep that spark alive!


In conclusion...whether you need to learn how to dance for an upcoming event like a wedding, cruise or fundraiser...if you want to be more popular at the hottest night spot or if you just want to reconnect with your partner, dancing solves many more problems that just what to do on the dance floor. It teaches your confidence and how to communicate with your partner in a non verbal way. It teaches cooperation and team work. And it's fun!

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So Who Takes Dance Lessons Anyway?

June 20, 2017

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