Learning to dance couldn't be any easier!

Ok...if you can walk you can dance. Let Granite State Ballroom show you how fun and easy moving to music can be.

Your first step is to schedule a visit to the studio for a complimentary sample lesson. We'll start you off with some basic concepts and find out what you would like to achieve. More importantly you will have a chance to see how easy and fun dancing can be!

We teach all students using 3 key components:

Private Instruction - Here is where you work one on one with an instructor and learn the most important elements of dancing such as lead and follow, movement to music and patterns.

Group Instruction - Here is where you build your muscle memory and learn new patterns as you engage with other students who are learning at your level.

Supervised Practice - This is where you gain "real world" practice so that when you go out onto the dance floor at a wedding, nightclub, cruise or party you are ready to go!

The hardest part is to just get started so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click the link below for your complimentary lesson!

Granite State Ballroom - 33 Indian Rock Road - Windham NH - 03087

Phone: (603) 965-4227             Email: info@granitestateballroom.com

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