Granite State Ballroom is located in Windham, New Hampshire and is the fun and easy place to learn how to dance! We focus on social dancing in a relaxed welcoming setting.

We teach our students using the proven method of combining private sessions, group sessions and supervised practice to give you the best results in the most effective way. You set your own pace and achieve your goals on your terms.

You don't need a partner to learn either! So whether you are a single looking to improve yourself or a couple seeking a date night all are welcome!

Social dancing encompasses all of the dancing you see on the "dancing shows" on tv but in a more relaxed and easy going manner. (You definitely won't need a ballgown!)

Granite State Ballroom is a BRAND NEW place to dance conveniently located off Route 93 at Exit 3 located between Manchester and Salem NH. Come help be a part of our story as we start our journey!

Dances we teach:

Waltz is considered to be the mother of all dances. It is easy to learn with a simple 1,2,3 rhythm. Waltz also rotates and travels around the floor making you feel like "Cinderella at the ball!"
Tango is the most dramatic of all the dances.
Foxtrot is the most used and can be danced to slow, medium and fast tempo music.
One of the most romantic dances, Rumba is a great dance to know when that slow rhythmical dance is played!
Cha Cha is a fun and flirty dance done to rhythmical Latin tempos.
Swing is an American fun "Rock and Roll" dance!
Merengue is an easy social dance that is done to any fast rhythm music such as Latin or Nightclub.
Samba is also known as the Brazillian waltz.
Mambo is a fun Latin dance with a quick, quick slow rhythm!
The West Coast Swing is danced to a slower, "blusier" version of swing music.
Country Western dancing covers everything from Two Step to Line Dancing.
Hustle, also known as Club Swing can be danced to any nightclub or top 40 song with a fast beat.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 1:00pm to 10:00pm

Saturday: By appointment only

The Bolero is the most romantic dance. Danced to slow romantic music.
Viennese Waltz is danced to a faster version of waltz music with lots of rotation!

Granite State Ballroom - 33 Indian Rock Road - Windham NH - 03087

Phone: (603) 965-4227             Email: info@granitestateballroom.com

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